Scallop stones bracelet


I vividly remember my childhood walking and picking up shells along the beach and bringing them home. Fast forward to now, I wish I still kept my shell collection. I would've made them to jewelries! But I guess, I can still go back to the beach and start collecting again. So, I wanted to celebrate this memory by creating this "golden sand" collection consisting of beautiful shell jewelries for everyone and I to wear.

This Scallop bracelet is crafted using a stretchable thread, stone beads and gold plated scallop charm. It comes in one standard size 17cm. Perfect for going out to the beach!


Materials and care tips:

* To avoid fast tarnishing, avoid perfumes and other chemicals. Clean with lint-free cloth. Store in cool dry place.

* All our jewelries are made from brass and are plated with 12k - 16k gold. 

* Nickel and lead-free.

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