About Heartbead

Heartbead began as a minimal jewelry brand in Brisbane in 2013 by me, Farah Hussin. Making  and selling jewelries started more as a hobby than a business. In the beginning, I was juggling between being a stressed-out Uni student and a jewelry seller. After graduating in 2014, I based myself in Brunei and turned my passion of selling into a now small business. Since then, aside from jewelries I've also designed and sourced bags, clothes and homewares, both which I have grown to love.

In the midst of our busy lifestyle, my main aim is to create, source and sell beautiful, simple and minimal products for yourself, your loved ones and your home.  

Special thank you goes out to my family, my friends and loyal customers for always supporting me.


Farah Hussin


PS, on the 20th December 2019, I've opened a physical shop at Little Soho, Batu bersurat, Brunei Darussalam. It has been a great start and I'm looking to expand even more!