Material, Warranty and Care & repairs

Heartbead jewelleries are made either from gold-plated brass, gold-filled, gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver.
Demi-fine pieces
Jewelleries crafted from at least 14K gold or rhodium plated over sterling silver. They sit in the sweet spot between fine and fashion jewellery. More durable than gold plated brass.
Water resistant pieces / gold filled pieces
We've added more water resistant pieces, this means that the gold plating is usually thicker and last longer. Ofcourse only solid gold can last forever, but our water resistant pieces can last for a good amount of time (about 6 months) depending on how you use. Please take off before in contact with any chemical or cleaning solution.
All our jewellery have 30 days warranty with record of purchase. This does not include wear, tear and discoloration due to everyday wear. We offer repairs instore.
Care & repairs
We recommend to clean your jewellery using polishing cloth or dry cloth. Do not over polish your jewellery. All gold plated may tarnish over time depending on your usage. To avoid fast tarnishing and discolor, we recommend that you take off your jewelries before shower, bath or swimming. Please be careful to not allow perfumes and cleaning chemicals to touch your jewelleries. Store your jewelleries away from the sun or humid places, it is best keep in something airtight to avoid your jewellery from oxidizing.
We now also offer cleaning and repair service. This includes cleaning, gold replating, silver replating, repairing broken chains and resizing. Please submit your jewelries to our store. Service may take up to 4-6 weeks. Price varies from up to $20.